Monday, May 12, 2008

selector ARTS (DJ) - profile -


- English -

selector ARTS is originally from Japan and a resident DJ of Old Soulz. He started his DJ career with reggae and 90's HipHop music. Since then he explore music more and he has been consisting his own style. He had shared stage with Tonny Touch, J.Period, Rob Swift, Ge-ology, Kero One, Om'Mas Keith(Sa-Ra Creative partners) and many more in the past.

His music filed is variety, Raggae, HipHop, Funk, Soul, Club Jazz, R&B, Rare Groove, Latin to Spiritual Music. With his experiences, he is the one of the DJs that you can feel and grab the right vibe of the audience.

sample mix @ dailyssion

- Japanese (日本語)-
selector ARTSはOld-SoulzのレジデントDJである。過去にTonny Touch, J.Period, Rob Swift, Ge-ology, Kero One,Om'Mas Keith(Sa-Ra Creative partners)などとも競演している。元々レゲエのDJとしてそのキャリアをスタートした彼だが現在はジャンルの壁を壊し、レゲエヒップホップファンクソウルジャズR&Bレア グルーヴ民族音楽まで幅広くスピンする。彼の長年の経験から培った音楽性は、客の心を掴む巧みなDJである。

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