Monday, May 19, 2008

DJ Ge-ology @"Jazzlicious" - Miles Davis Tribute -

We are introducing one of the DJs spinning at our coming up event, "Jazzlicious - Miles Davis Tribute - "

DJ Ge-ology

DJ Ge-ology is world famous Brooklyn based beat maker, DJ and graffiti writer. He has worked with TALIB KWELI, PETE ROCK,MOS DEF,LONE CATALYST,J-LIVE and many more. He also has worked a jacket design which is called "One of the best three jacket design work in HipHop", Mos Def, and Q-Tip's "Body Rock".
His selections of music are sexy, inteligent, grooving.

Below is one example of Ge-ology's art works, "Body Rock" presented by Lyricist Lounge

Old-Soulz Presents:
Jazzlicious @ Retreat (147 Front St. BK)

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