Monday, May 19, 2008

Riz22 (Painter) -profile -

Creative illustrator


- English -
A member of an outcast family from the heart of Ethiopia to Modern day Roman America, Riz 22 personifies the divinity of creationist expression absent of blueprint or planned conclusions. Of the inexhaustible mediums he manipulates, from acrylic, pastel, pen, oil, sculpture, they are manifested on eclectic palates and canvas, from wood, mirrors, desks, tables, drawers, nothing is exempt from his fiery creativity. Alongside having an unlimited arsenal of painted works, there is an extended trailer of erotic comic illustration, political satires, and comedic commentaries of society's kaleidoscopic nature.

The artwork of Riz 22 's reflects an alien soul rejoicing the joys, sorrows, pain, and triumph of an individual that met the adversities of life directly and channeled them into brilliant minute and gargantuan testimonies of someone who is a definite instrument of that which is unknown.

Standing outside of the traditional methods of painting, Robinson exerts a rare action packed form of painting that is a marvel to observe. His strokes are broad and expeditious commanding the attention to even the most uninterested laymen to the world of art. Moreover, there is an unlettered signature in Riz 22 's work; the unintentional “third eye” which presents itself, sometimes in multiples, after a work is a completed. These mysterious eyes are akin to a mirror reflecting his soul back into himself and everyone else to see and marvel in. Young, talented, and most of all tireless, is this new age artist ready to transform the new creative revolution right before your very eyes.

- Japanese (日本語)-



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