Monday, May 12, 2008

The Audible Doctor @ "Jazzlicious" - Miles Davis Tribute -

Today, we are introducing most talented upcoming producer/DJ spinning at our event, "Jazzlicious - Miles Davis Tribute Party- "

The Audible Doctor

The Audible Doctor is promised beat maker and DJ in Brooklyn. You can also see him at Fat Beats NY store. He has released his sole CD album"Brownies" tributed to Jame Brown and J.Dilla, which got many props from HipHop heads. He also offered two tracks for Miles Davis tribute compilation CD given away at "Jazzlicious". People, listen to his beats!!

Brownies CD/LP

"...the Audible Doctor (a.k.a. AMD) has harmonized a chorus of praise for James Brown and J Dilla, via his latest effort, 'Brownies'. Inspired largely by the format of J Dilla's instrumental marvel, 'Donuts', the entirely sample-based instrumental record uses nothing but the music of the hardest working man in showbiz-the late James Brown."


Old-Soulz Presents:
May 25th
Jazzlicious @ Retreat (147 Front St. BK)

For more info about the event: Click HERE


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