Monday, May 19, 2008

Fly Lady Di @ Jazzlicious -Miles Davis tribute -

Introducing one of the fabulous beautiful artists(painter) at our up coming event,
"Jazzlicious - Miles Davis Tribute - "

Fly Lady Di

"Like an internationally renown abstract painter whose aim is to arrest the poetry of life in flux on the surface of her canvas within the confines of her frame, So that a century later when a stranger perceives her masterful creations the poetry of that story within the arrested motion is read again and again, The trials and tribulations, joyous momentous occasions, ardent love & casual concupiscence, pensive thought and memorable triumphs of her life that are expressed through her dance will exclaim, That art doesn’t merely imitate life and vice versa . . . they are one in the same."

Andrew Rudder (on Fly Lady Di)
-Pulp Magazine

Fly Lady Di is also featured by the latest issue of Trace Magazine with Pesu and Concep.


Old-Soulz Presents:

Jazzlicious @ Retreat (147 Front St. BK)

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Fly Lady Di said...

NO WAY! Lol. Yaz this is too much wow I am so thrilled about this thank you SO MUCH, it's gonna be so amazing.