Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jazzlicious ~ vol.1~ compilation album

Free special limited compilation CD will be given away for people who attend the event, "Jazzlicious". This CD is dedicated by Miles Davis. Those producers who love & respect him are coming from all over the world, Japan, USA and Brazil. All the tracks are sampled by Miles.
It is chill, laid back, grooving instrumental compilation album. If you would like to get those, please come thru early time coz the number is limited. Below are more details about the album.

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Old-Soulz presents:

- Miles Davis Tribute -

01 Miles Flamenco Kind of Blue / JLOG1C

02. 000000000000 clock / Sauce81

03. Miles from Here / DJ Mako

04. The Life with the Horn / Groove Ponch

05. Heating Soul / Old-Soulz

06. Electric Blue / The Audible Doctor

07. Alto da Sé / PG

08. Song 4 Miles / DJ OKITO

09. "Miles" away from home / D.O.V.

10. Electric Blue 2 / The Audible Doctor

11. Blue in Green / DJ Makino

Art Work: Pesu & Tokio

Mastered by: Brian Boyle

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