Sunday, August 15, 2010

Report: PESU ART x Slappa - mural project -

Live Mural Painting

@ SLAPPA showroom in North Carolina

~ 1st Day ~
PESU started to paint around 2:30pm.
1st day finished at 7:30pm. (5hrs)
played pool at and had lots of sake shots and beer
@ Slappa's owner, Dominick's huge house. This is his basement.

~ 2nd Day ~

Dominick's loves music. This is his one of hang out rooms.
PESU started to paint from 11:30am.

Finish at 8:30pm!! Total 11hrs!!!


Thank you VERY MUCH,
Slappa, Dominick, DJ Notch, Patrick, Edger, Garrick, Peter, Kelly
and who watched me painting at the space and through online!!

ネットで LIVE で見てくれてた方々、


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