Monday, September 8, 2008

Reprt of 09.05.08 "R & B" & 09.06.08 Howl Festa

Report of New Party on Fridays on Sep 5th


Though we had teerible rain, we still got party people in the house!

Riz22 & PESU

Yes, nature shit, flowers

Now it's colored

Detailed work...

People who never seen their art were like "wow!"



check out PESU on the following day at Tompkin Square park.... Howl Festival! All the paints around the park has been canceled coz of the bad weather...

PESU was on first round. Who got the most impression of those four artists??

It was nice weather when PESU started...

Life is...

Second round.... We got the storm....BUT those artists did not give in... instead everyone got too excited!!lol
Check out Riz22. He get crazier!!!
Even he paints and paints, the acrylic drains....

Here is a smile. He had to
the battle got canceled as you can see... lol

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