Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Report of Spectrum Funk @ Drom

& Yaz went down to Amanda Diva's show. The way Amanda communicate to the crowds was amazing. She takes everyone into her world wit her positive vibe!

Here is Amanda Diva performing wit her band. It was groovy nice music.

crowds. This guy is takin pic of PESU Art.

Lexi Bella aka always fun to hang out wit. lol

She is the queen of entertainer

Yushi aka PESU


They were lockin the crowds! It was goooood tuesday night event.

Lexi Bella.
Isnt she beautiful?

Look at the line of the tree! it's so smooth, no body got this line but PESU.



Don't forget Thursday & Friday parties!!
This week, we have another special event!

Sep 11th, Thursday

DejaVu @ Libation(137 Ludlow btwn Rivington & Stanton)

We will have Lexi Bella as a guest artist!

FREE ENTRANCE if you mention "OLD-SOULZ"

Sep 11th Friday,
Artbattles @ Corridor Gallery(334 Grand Ave. Brooklyn)

Artwork of PESU & Riz22 will be there on the wall!

Sexy ass Friday!
Strictly R&B night from Old skool to new!!!

@ Katra (217 Bowery & Rivington)

FREE ENTRANCE if you mention "OLD-SOULZ"!!!

Hope to c you there!!!!


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