Friday, August 8, 2008

Report of "DejaVu" & Info about Block the Rock!!!!

Thursday, August 7th
! "DejaVu" @ Libation(137 Ludlow)

Bonny was rockin other crowds!lol

Riz22 aka the stud.

Havin fun?



the crowds.

Mr. D

DJ DP One was doin his thing as always...keep people dancing all night long!

Treening」 PESU & Riz22

RYU & DRAGON」Pesu & Riz22

Photograph by: Akco Higuchi

Saturday, August 9th

"Rock the Block BK!"

All-Day pass purchase $10
Catered food served by Little House on Clinton (chicken & waffles)

Hosted by RIP
(Writer's Block)

Live painting (12pm-8pm) by:
Concep x Liciban x Rizz22 x Lexibella x Pesu x Brian
Spoken word by:
RIP x Ed x Louis x Jermaine x Jeff x & More
Live DJaying by: DJ Charlie Brown x DJ Print

Mid-Day Film screening!

There's gonna be partying at other spot as well, please check out more info about this event at

C U there!

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Marthalicia ( M-Squared) said...

That party was so off the hook, Thanks Yaz.