Friday, August 22, 2008

Report of 8.21.08 "DejaVu" @ Libation

August 21st. 2008

It was another good nite at Libation. We had Risa as guest painter.

Crowds the good people are having nice time.

Riz22 & PESU collab. As those two collab more, they bloom their talent more and more. their chemical matches like .... henny and redbull. lol

Risa is a therapist so she know what's goin on on her canvas.

Amazing! pullin into the hole...

Isn't it amazing?

PESU & Riz22 started second canvas.

PESU dont stop.

So as Riz22.

Creative Ejaculate
PESU & Riz22

Risa. Completed as well!

Sold Out again!


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