Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yaz Higashiya (Producer) - profile -


Yaz Higashiya

Yaz Higashiya was born in Japan.

He has been making beats since 2002 in Calicornia. He met Yushi aka PESU and established Old-Soulz inc. in the same year. His music style consist with mix of spiritual music, jazz, funk and soul into hiphop beats. Relocated himself in New York City in 2005. Started organizing/creating variety of events, managing artsits such as PESU, DJ Munari, Riz22, Pismo, Amanda Diva(Japan) and name of a few, working with his music making partner, Brian Boyle, working withFat Beats.

He did some remix projects such as CL Smooth & Skyzoo "Perfect Timing", Pismo "HipHop Life", Amanda Diva ft. Q-Tip "40 MC's".

He will release his official album in Fall 2009, the featured artists are Vast Aire, Pismo, El Da Sensei, Steph Pockets, Q-iLL, PESU, Rob Swift, Ghost Style, Thilan & more....

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