Friday, September 24, 2010

Old-Soulz sponsoring event "JUICE HipHop Dance Festival" ft. Mari Koda & World Order (Genki Sudo) coming up in LA

October 2nd 2010 in LA

Our 3rd Annual JUiCE Hip-Hop Dance Festival features ground-breaking choreography, tight beats & dope art. This year we are showcasing amazing & respected women in hip-hop, artists who have become successful with a disability & the youth who will shape the future of hip-hop. This show will please you traditional theater-goers & hip-hop heads alike! Don't forgot to take your girlfriend/boyfriend, kids, the homies, cousin-in-la...w, & even crazy uncle joey. Everyone's WELCOME & guaranteed to have fun!

*Get tickets here!* (large groups get a discount!)

Pre-Show in the Plaza starts @ 7 PM

Main Show starts @ 8 PM

MC Namesless
Bboy LazyLegz & Bgirl K8
Antics Performance
Lux Aeterna
MC Scatterbrain
World Order ft. Genki Sodu & Mari Koda
Raphael X
One Step Ahead
Big Tara
Instant Noodles
MC Toquon

* *SPECIAL GUEST PERFORMANCE by World Order from Japan* *
*featuring MMA fighter & former K-1 & UFC fighter/champ Genki Sudo*
Mari Koda from the movies Step Up 2 & 3 (as Jenny Kido)

Mari Koda

World Order

For more info:

BIG UP to Mari Koda, World Order and Genki Sudo!!!

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