Thursday, July 29, 2010

「THE LAST BLOCK IN HARLEM」by Christopher Herz

Yes sir!! Christopher, one of PESUART collectors,
pubished his second book! Pls check it out!
Christopher Herz

Christopher Herz
Christopher Herz was born in New York, but grew up bouncing up and down the coast of California. At the age of 8, after experiencing the reaction of his third grade class to a story he had written and read aloud, Herz knew he wanted to be a writer. Returning to New York as an adult, he was inspired by his neighborhood in Sugar Hill, Harlem and began drafting his first novel, The Last Block in Harlem as a love letter to his block. Herz left his job upon finishing the manuscript, and began hand-selling his book throughout New York City. Walking the streets each day until he had sold 10 copies, his hand-selling caught the attention ofPublishers Weekly, which featured Herz in an August 2009 article. Herz also took photos and notes on each buyer's story and his fascinating collage of readers and contextual vignettes can be seen at his website

If you purchased a copy, and would like to be part of The Last Block in Harlem, please take a picture of yourself and the book wherever you are in the world and send it in to

"Christopher Novel + PESUART" project has been starting!
it seems to it has been taking time.. but we will make it happen!!
please stay tune!

小説+ PESUARTプロジェクト始動中です。


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