Friday, February 19, 2010

Super Friends Group Art Show @ Gallery Bar!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

@ Gallery Bar, NYC

The Superfriends show at the Gallery Bar (120 Orchard st.) Feb.23 is one not to miss. The artists exhibiting their work that night are PESU, CONCEP, LICHIBAN, and FERNANDO MORA. All the artists are Old-Soulz's favorite artists that have been working with. My man Frankie is putting together this show. Big Up for Frankie!!
Needless to say, all the artists are talented,together they are a superforce to be reckoned with.
Please click links of name of the artists to check them out.

At the gallery, all the artists will exhibit artwork while FERNANDO MORA does a live painting. Door is open from 6pm-10pm.

2月23日(火曜)にGallery BarにてPESU, CONCEP, LICHIBAN, そして FERNANDO MORAのグループ展を開催します。上記のアーティストは皆、共にコラボをした事もあり、僕自身も目の話せないアーティスト達ばかりです。興味のある方はアーティストの名前のリンクをクリックしてみてください。当日はFERNANDO MORA のライブペイントもご覧頂けます。

See you there!!


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