Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PESU x EVISU "Dirty Dozen (+1)"

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Around 2 years ago, 13 brave souls from the online community Supertalk undertook a special project. United by a single pair of our denim, they became to be known as The ‘Dirty Dozen (+1)’.It started in NYC with a crisp pair of our Lot 2000 No.1 Special’s, delivered straight from Japan. Each participant in the project wore the jeans for a month, adding unique character to the jeans, and passed on the pair to the next person, at times spanning continents and time zones in between each wearer.

Blue in Green, a premier retailer of Japanese denim in the US, held a party at their storefront to commemorate the project. Among the partygoers was Pesu, an up-and-coming street artist/painter known for his live paintings recently transplanted from Japan. The jeans came plain-pocketed, and Pesu was enlisted to paint the pockets in Evisu tradition. The Kanji characters for the number 13 were painted on the left pocket to symbolize the 13 participants and impart them with luck, while our signature Kamome gull was placed on the right.By the end, the jeans were truly one-of-kind, a true labor of love created through the passion and dedication of 13 Denim Maniacs.

Visit superfuture to see the journey- Dirty Dozen +1.


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