Monday, July 6, 2009

July 16rh, PESU live art @ Black & White Gallery

PESU live paint @
There will be some celebrities coming through. PESU will be next level from this spot.
We all better to be the witness!!!

BLACK & WHITE GALLERY is pleased to present

– short summer group exhibition featuring a range of works with absence of color as the common denominator.

The exhibition title is borrowed from Adam White’s 2005 Australian short film about the possibilities of change. It’s the story of a character in a black and white silent film, who transcends the medium and in doing so changes with it, breaks free and goes beyond its limitations.

A BLACK AND WHITE WORLD is a creative collaboration with YUME INTERNATIONAL, located in Brooklyn, NY.

On Thursday, July 16th YUME INTERNATIONAL will present “Light & Dark” – a free form live performance by the NY–based, urban-inspired artists PESU and FERNANDO MORA. Working with black paint, ink and markers on a white 8 x 8 ft wall panel installed inside the gallery, each artist will render his personal approach to the battle between negative and positive spaces. The finished piece will remain on view as part of the exhibition. The performance will begin at 7:00pm.

This event is FREE and open to the public. No reservations are required.

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