Sunday, March 8, 2009

PESU & Concep w/ Mofo Jones

Big up to Jeff Dessources!
PESU and Concep rocked Live Art inspired by mofo Jones HAIKU created by Jeff Dessources
@ College of Mount Saint Vincent in Bronx on March 5th.

Before the show PESU and Concep painted collab piece at concep's studio for da exhibition.

This piece is inspired by Haiku below :

Did you just pay the rent
No. I just bought an i-phone
so you played the rent

we rocked in bronx with Mofo Jones!!

The TEE PESU wearing on the pic is from Concep.
PESU messed up the brand new tee w/ paint already..(:_

This guy "Jeffrey Dessources" is a professor, organizer, emcee, poet..
he kicked free style forever! wow

all of the Haiku are picked up from Mofo Jones.

Check out Mofo Jones by Jeffrey Dessources

Concep Haiku from Mofo Jones

Where's Waldo? He's at the liquor store
bodega fried chicken gun shop

PESU Haiku from Mofo Jones

represent because
any day could be our last
days in the jungle


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