Friday, December 12, 2008

MC YAN x Old-Soulz collab

the legendary of HipHop in Hong Kong, MC YAN()and Yaz collab on Green Peace China project.

MC Yan did a slam poetry in cantonese and had DJ Prepare scratch Yan's vocals to Yaz's also features the sounds that they recorded in both the nature and the city in Hong Kong.

The song was done as a theme for "GreenPeace" which is a non-profit HK organization which tries to raise awareness for air pollution in HK...
This is their biggest campaign for the basically this song will be featured on TV commercials!!! the music video will be out soon...We will keep you updated!

You can download the mp3 from the link below:

If you can read cantonese, you can see more info from the link below:


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