Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kero One visited Pismo's studio

Kero One visited Pismo's studio after the night his first appearance in NYC at" 'N' Joi". They are one of the best jazzy Hip Hop artists(MC/producer) now especially in Japan and EU.

Kero One

Common - Light (Kero One Remix)


DJ Tonk feat. Pismo

this is their first time meeting.

They were talking some music, equipments, styles.............Though they have different styles of music, seems like they find that they have some common taste in their music too.

They both admired their music each others.

Pismo took Kero to his studio tour, and talking about the scene in NYC and sharing his thoughts/feeling about his music.
This year, collab of Kero One and Pismo may happening!!!

That would be real dope...

Stay tune to these two artists!!


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