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Report from "Art Battles" 02/22/08

Report from "Art Battles" 02/22/08

Front of the Art Battles theater.
Leaf & Yushi aka PESU

Yushi aka PESU's painting was chosen the best 2 of other 9 competitors in 10 min-preliminary battle.

Yushi aka PESU got the center position to battle and at high-voltage!!

The Art Battles is finally started!!

Yushi aka PESU's Interview & 10 minutes painting!!

The center Position in the theater.
(From Right: COOLVAIDER / Yushi aka PESU / LEAF)

The first round battle is now started! Artists only could use white & Black colors

The right side of the theater

And the Left side.

Lucky audiences who could get into the theater, on the day tons of people couldn't get chance to see the Art Battles, cuz all tickets were sold out right after the battles was started.

After 1st Round
Yushi aka PESU's is survived as 6 of 9 competitors and went to 2nd round.

Artists now can use other color, but it's randomly and only one color is allowed.

Yushi aka PESU's color was "RED".


Yushi aka PESU was eliminated to the final round. There are so many"BOOZ"and "BOOZ", when his art was taken off from the wall.

After the final battle.

Guess what? Who got the winner for the Art Battles?

Here is the Champion's painting.

Thank you for cheering Yushi aka PESU up!! We appreciate your support!!

Check Yushi aka PESU's live painting every Thursday "DE JA VU" @Manhatta

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