Saturday, November 17, 2007

About Old-Souls Ent. inc(OSE)

What is OSE?

Music, art and fashion have a profound influence on popular culture worldwide and New York City is often the place where people come from around the world to discover the latest trends. As such, New York is also the birth place of many cultural trends, specifically and especially, the culture of Hip-Hop. Since the late 1970s, Hip-Hop Culture has continued to evolve and has become a major influence in art, fashion, and music everywhere. Hip-Hop is a universal language that transcends cultures of different nations. But, it is more than a mere trend . . . it is a way of life.

We, OSE, absorb and interpret HipHop culture in our own way. We create,serve and educate people with our original various art forms which incorporate painting, music, grafic, pictures, movies, furniture, food, and drinks(anything we can think of).

Founded in California in 2003, OSE is a complete entertainment firm that focuses on producing and promoting quality works from a wide range of art forms. OSE provides an open space for talented people to come, be nurtured and grow, and is designed to attract a global array of artists from various mediums. Our appreciation for fresh and organic skills and styles is reflected wholly in everything we do. Most importantly, we are dedicated to our goal of bringing people a unique, creative and rich atmosphere of sophisticated art.

OSE performs the following services:

・ various fields Artists Bookings and Management
・ Music Track and Video Production
・ Event Coordination
・ Graphic Design and Media Art
・ Retail Clothing Design and Production
・ Advertisement Sales and Service
・ Educational Services (home stay coordination, English language instruction,etc)

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